How it works

Post a Problem

Post whatever problem is troubling you, big or small. We all have problems/issues in life, from everyday issues to life changing problems. Share, receive advice and support, from others in the same situation.


Give advice, support and share your personal experiences. Users can give advice to others, share their experiences and show support. Showing support to others who are going through the same problems in life, is easy with this feature. You can give support in no time and help your community.

Follow Users/Like posts

Connect with people or problems that you relate to. Our app lets you connect with people on a larger scale and be a part of a community with shared problems and issues. You can follow as many users as you want and give support by liking their posts and conversing with them.

Direct Message

If you relate to a Problem or User, take the conversation further. With our DM feature you can discuss further, build friendships and support each other more.